The Mosaic Recurve Fighter Online Course

Teaching You How to Make a Mosaic Recurve Fighter From Start to Finish.

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With 17 years of experience, selling over $800,000 worth of knives, Mastersmith Kyle Royer is a qualified teacher.

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Learn all the details in making a Mosaic Damascus Fighter.

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Have the skills and knowledge to make a Mastersmith quality knife.

What's Included?

32 videos total at 16+ hours of content!

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01 Intro to Mosaic Damascus
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02 Forge Welding
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03 Forced W Layers
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04 Multiplying the W Layers
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05 Four-Way the Billet
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06 Second Billet Four-Way
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07 Prepping the Billet for Tile Welding
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08 Cutting up the Billet
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09 Forge Welding
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10 Forging the Blade
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11 Normalizing
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12 Profile the Blade
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13 Rough Grinding the Blade
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14 Heat Treating the Blade
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15 Finish Grinding
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16 Performance Test
17 Plunge Cut
18 Ricasso Preparation
19 The Clip
20 Fitting the Guard
21 Fitting the Front Spacer
22 Embedding the Handle
23 Shaping the Handle
24 Shaping the Guard and Front Spacer
25 Front Spacer Embellishments
26 Handle Buffing
27 Etching the Blade
28 Coffee Darkening
29 Sharpening
30 Final Assembly
31 Doming the Pin
32 Last Part

The Mosaic Damascus Recurve Course

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What are makers saying about this course

This has been the best investment I've made towards developing in bladesmithing.  Looking forward to watching through many more times.

-Pearce R 

These tutorials are amazing! I’ve learned more about mosaic today than I thought I knew before watching these videos! Amazing! Thank you 🙏🏼    

-Benjamin M.  


This has been far beyond worth it, I finally feel confident in progressing with Mosaic Damascus, thank you for your hard work, time and willingness to share your knowledge with the community.

-Shane M.

I am 60 years old and just started my knife making journey exactly one year ago. Your take down bowie course was one of my first educational investments. After seeing the quality and content of that course, this course was a no-brainer! Thank you for helping shorten my learning curve and avoid many mistakes! This course is fantastic

-David S.

I love how technical you are with all of your information. It is the level of detail that my mind craves. Thanks for such a comprehensive course thus far. My Mosaic fighter I have been working on has been coming along swimmingly because of this course.


Just finished the last lesson. Excellent series. Couldn’t be happier. Learned a ton.  Thanks to your lessons my 14th knife was mosaic Damascus. Turned out great. Thanks again.

-Dale H.