The Take-Down Bowie Knife

Teaching You How to Make a Take-Down Bowie From Start to Finish


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Level up your knife making with the most efficient and informative online maker's course available!

Save Time

Learn knife making skills that took Kyle years to learn

Advance Your Knives

Learn all the details in making a Take-Down Bowie Knife that will make your Bowie a piece of art.

On a Budget

Kyle shows, you don't need expensive tools and equipment to make Mastersmith quality knives.

The course is great!  I really appreciate the detail Kyle goes into.  I’m fairly new to knife making and only recently bought a 2x72 grinder.  That being said, I’m happy to have a resource that would continue to teach me for months/years to come



The Take-Down Bowie Knife Online Course is an incredible tool to learn from.  Not only do you get 27 different instructional videos, you also get the support of all of the Royers to help take your knife making to the next level.  Kyle also hosts a Private Facebook Group for course members, he has personally made a few videos directly answering our questions. I couldn’t ask for a more personal better source of information than Kyle Royer’s Take-Down Bowie Knife Course.



Three things I have learn from his course.

(1) I'm so far away from being able to make my knife as perfect as Kyle's, that is why I have the course.

(2) It is possible to make these quality knives over time.

(3) I have already improved on making some of my other knives on parts I had trouble with before.

If you are serious about making museum quality knives to sell, this is a must course. It will put you more on the fast track. Plus many things I already knew but not to the level Kyle teaches.

-MA Knife and Rods


You can tell this online class was well thought out.  Everything is done extremely well from the content ( which I feel Kyle does not leave anything out), videography, audio and the ease of the website.  Everything is top notch.  This online course would be beneficial for the beginner to someone with years of experience.  Tons and tons of great information.  Highly recommend!



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"The Take-Down Bowie Knife Course embodies everything I do. The raw foundation I use on this knife is the same even if you’re making a $100,000 sword." ~ Kyle Royer



βœ“  27 Videos/14+ hrs of Content

βœ“ Access to Private Community

βœ“ Mentorship from a Professional

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βœ“  27 Videos/14+ hrs of Content

βœ“ Access to Private Community

βœ“ Mentorship from a Professional

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course we sell is an online course only, no downloads are available.

Unlimited Access for the Lifetime of the Course


You get unlimited access to the course and all updates for as long as the course is available online.

If I ever take it down, I’ll email you and give you at least a 1 year heads-up.

People ask if they get lifetime access to the course. The answer is no, I’m not committing to lifetime access because, honestly, the logistics of that sounds pretty ridiculous, especially if you live longer than me.

However, you do get access for the lifetime of the course… plus you get all future updates for free!

You will have access to my private email to ask any questions or get feedback on work. For more general questions, take advantage of peer mentoring by posting questions to the community Facebook group.

Once you get the course, you will get links to almost all the tools Kyle uses in this course.

But for now, some of the big tools you will need.

1. Forge

2. Accurate Toaster Oven, Home Oven or Heat Treating Oven

3. Anvil

4. 2x72 Grinder

5. Buffer

6. File Guide

7. Small Lathe

8. Vice

9. American Measurements 

10. Drill press

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