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The Beginner Bladesmithh

Online Course


Get the entire Beginner Bladesmith for just $300!

Handle Fluting


This course was made to keep things simple and straightforward.

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Time Saving

Stop going through hours of YouTube content trying to find out where to begin.  Bladesmithing starts here. 

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Using only the simplest tools for knifemaking, this course relates to the absolute beginner.

The Beginner Bladesmith 

  This is what you will learn👇🏻

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01 Intro (5:26)

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02 Forging a Blade (52:03)

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03 Rough Filing (1:06:26)

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04 Heat Treating (14:55)

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05 Final Filing (16:32)

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06 Performance Testing (18:34)

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07 Rough Hand Sanding (41:24)

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08 Makers Mark (19:06)

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09 Handle Fitting (42:22)

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10 Finishing the Blade (33:44)

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11 Attaching Handle Scales (20:10)

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12 Final Shaping (29:51)

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13 Finishing the Handle (30:19)

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14 Sharpening (21:46)

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Bonus: Coal Forge (46:16)

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Bonus: 2x72 Grinder (1:00:21)

The Beginner Bladesmith



One Upfront Payment 

  • Lifetime Access to ALL Content
  • Stream all 16 Videos/8+ hours
  • 01 Intro (5:26)
  • 02 Forging a Blade (52:03)
  • 03 Rough Filing (1:06:26)
  • 04 Heat Treating (14:55)
  • 05 Final Filing (16:32)
  • 06 Performance Testing (18:34)
  • 07 Rough Hand Sanding (41:24)
  • 08 Makers Mark (19:06)
  • 09 Handle Fitting (42:22)
  • 10 Finishing the Blade (33:44)
  • 11 Attaching Handle Scales (20:10)
  • 12 Final Shaping (29:51)
  • 13 Finishing the Handle (30:19)
  • 14 Sharpening (21:46)
  • 15 Bonus: Coal Forge (46:16)
  • 16 Bonus: 2x72 Grinder (1:00:21)
  • Mentorship from a Professional


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Our Online Course Works!

Don't believe me, here is what other Bladesmiths have to say about this course.

Will Still

"This course is the most comprehensive course you will find and will save you countless hours trying to put all the pieces together to make a quality knife.  I’ve learned more from this course than I have from hundreds of hours combing through forums, YouTube, and my own trial by error.  If you’re starting out with nothing more than a hammer, files, and a basic forge, you can make a functional work of art right alongside Kyle.  This course is the single most useful tool I’ve invested in since starting my journey down the path towards becoming a master."

Joe Pattavina

"Once COVID hit, I knew I wanted to start a new hobby.  I love woodworking but needed something different.  Most in-person blacksmithing/metalsmithing classes shut down or were way outside my budget.  I wanted something that could teach a complete beginner how to make a knife.  I didn't want to fork over thousands of dollars for tools and supplies, as this is just a hobby to me.

This class is geared towards people like: someone that has never heard the terminology or the basic techniques. 

It's awesome to see someone at Kyle's level using basic/cheap tools to make a knife.  He clearly explains what he is doing while he is doing it.  People can comment on each video and the Royer team is quick to respond with questions (both via email and on the videos).  They also provide a list of tool recommendations for each video which is tremendously helpful.  I also like how they take you through the entire process."

Matthew Kelley

"I chose Kyle's course because I started watching his YouTube and Instagram channels and have never seen a more meticulous bladesmith.  His attention to detail and tricks to help you achieve them is second to none. I also appreciated how his beginner course, started you out almost at square one. He was using Amazon bought items and hand-filed and sanded.  This really helped me understand what I needed to do with my 2x72 on a larger scale because I could see exactly what the hand file was doing much slower (and he has bonus chapters using a 2x72)!  Once I, in my own mind, master his beginner course and make this knife 100 times I'll purchase his next level course.  Their customer service response is prompt (I use the comments sections of the course and they respond quickly with the exact fix I needed), the course is well shot and explained, the descriptions under each video giving you written step-by-step instructions are a nice redundancy to have...  I literally have no complaints."

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