The Take-Down Bowie Knife

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Learn From a Master

With over 16 years of experience, Mastersmith Kyle Royer teaches you skills that took him years to discover.


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Learn all the details in making a Take-Down Bowie Knife that will make your Bowie a piece of art.

Handle Fluting

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Have the skills and knowledge to make a Mastersmith quality knife using simple tools.


The Take-Down Bowie Knife 

 Over 14 hours of content and 27 videos. This is what you will learn👇🏻

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01 Sketching the Bowie Knife


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02 Material Selection


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03 Forging the Blade


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04 Rough Grinding


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05 Heat Treating: Hardening and Tempering


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06 Straightening and Final Grinding


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07 The Performance Test


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08 The Plunge Cut and Convex Edge


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09 Hand-Sanding the Blade Bevels


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10 Final Grinding on the Blade


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11 Etching the Maker's Mark


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12 The Perfect Guard Fit


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13 Constructing The Front Spacer


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14 Fitting the Tang in the Handle Block


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15 Threading the Tang


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16 Constructing the Pommel and Pommel Nut


17 Fitting the Handle


18 Take-Down Construction: The Line-Up Pins


19 Shaping the Handle


20 Bedding the Handle in Epoxy


21 Final Shaping on the Handle


22 Final Shaping on the Front Spacer


23 Shaping the Pommel


24 Shaping the Guard


25 Embellishments: Cutting Grooves


26 Hand-Sanding


27 Sharpening and Final Assembly


The Take-Down Bowie Knife



One Upfront Payment 

  • Lifetime Access to ALL Content
  • Stream all 27 Videos/14+ hours
  • 01 Sketching the Bowie Knife (38:03)
  • 02 Material Selection (10:28)
  • 03 Forging the Blade (45:11)
  • 04 Rough Grinding (42:17)
  • 05 Heat Treating: Hardening & Tempering (18:03)
  • 06 Straightening & Final Grinding (52:04)
  • 07 The Performance Test (17:00)
  • 08 The Plunge Cut & Convex Edge (37:10)
  • 09 Hand-Sanding the Blade Bevels (18:12)
  • 10 Final Grinding on the Blade (48:50)
  • 11 Etching the Maker's Mark (21:19)
  • 12 The Perfect Guard Fit (41:05)
  • 13 Constructing The Front Spacer (14:22)
  • 14 Fitting the Tang in the Handle Block (39:49)
  • 15 Threading the Tang (27:43)
  • 16 Constructing the Pommel & Pommel Nut (42:15)
  • 17 Fitting the Handle (17:05)
  • 18 Take-Down Construction: The Line-Up Pins (43:13)
  • 19 Shaping the Handle (53:56)
  • 20 Bedding the Handle in Epoxy (30:58)
  • 21 Final Shaping on the Handle (23:50)
  • 22 Final Shaping on the Front Spacer (16:49)
  • 23 Shaping the Pommel (31:15)
  • 24 Shaping the Guard (39:44)
  • 25 Embellishments: Cutting Grooves (15:38)
  • 26 Hand-Sanding (1:36:24)
  • 27 Sharpening & Final Assembly (36:10)
  • Mentorship from a Professional


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"The course is great!  I really appreciate the detail Kyle goes into.  I’m fairly new to knife making and only recently bought a 2x72 grinder.  That being said, I’m happy to have a resource that would continue to teach me for months/years to come." 




"This Online Course is an incredible tool to learn from.  I couldn’t ask for a more personal, better source of information than this."




"If you are serious about making museum quality knives to sell, this is a must course. It will put you more on the fast track. Plus many things I already knew but not to the level Kyle teaches."

-MA Knife and Rods


 "You can tell this online class was well thought out.  Everything is done extremely well, Kyle leaves nothing out.  This online course would be beneficial for the beginner to someone with years of experience.  Tons and tons of great information.  Highly recommend!"


Love the course!  Just started the build by doing the 'sketch’. It’s new territory for me so it will be quite a challenge, but I'm looking forward to it.”


“I just finished watching the series twice. The level of detail and knowledge is excellent and above and beyond anything available on the internet that I have came across.”

-Adam L.

"Absolutely beautiful!  I will be watching this course several times over as I start this knife."